Time to make magic : Founders Institute

About a month ago a friend of mine working in US tech told me to check out the Founder Institute.
I checked out a few of their videos online and was intrigued.
Essentially the FI program boils down the experience of building a startup into 3 months of intense work with an aim to cut down on the failure rate of startups. I really liked the no-BS style and realised that this is a program where you would have to do make things happen yourself. I applied with a video which I hoped would show what I think the mobile future would look like.
Long story short.. I got awarded the scholarship for the Sydney branch.
Since that awesome piece of news, the energy levels have already surged. I’ve devoured everything online and I can’t wait for the actual program to begin.
It means that I will have to travel up to Sydney a few times a week..
But hey.. there might even be a chance to sneak in a surf up there. :)
Time to make magic.

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