Things I Love - The Surfers Path

The Surfer’s Path is a mag I first picked up for a flight into Bali, and is now a constant feature in our lounge. Its a cross section of surfing, art, music, photography and travel with a huge dose of environmental conciousness.

“Kind of like myself” we all like to think.

Beautiful photographs of beautiful waves in beautiful locations. The stuff your (wet) dreams are made of. We can’t all be on long voyages chasing the perfect wave, but at least we can read about the seekers while sipping our caffeine.
The writing also happens to be quite good, poetic even. As only a good session in the surf or the haze could inspire. What you won’t find are loud, photoshopped ads peddling the latest in space age surf tech. Custom retros with slick paint are your new eye candy

Non surfing days now means brewing up a fresh cup of coffeee and slipping vicariouly into it’s pages.

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