The Future is Anime

Marc Andressen’s claim that “software is eating the world” was bold and visionary in 2011. Like a prophetic claim, in the short time since, there are signs that we have made progress in building this matrix like version of the future.


Amazon‘s robotic warehouses can scale to a point where they can one day become the distribution / sales / marketing point for all goods (real or virtual).
Take Uber add self driving robot cars, and we have the promise of an ultra efficient Minority Report style transport system. Online payment systems transfer value in terms of bits and bytes and will probably break free of their ties to historic value systems. One day, an entrepreneur will create a mashup of digital 3d printing and molecular technology giving us control over form and substance. Facebook has already codified our social interactions as algorithm.


So if this is true, if everything will be software, whats the future going to be like?


If we believe things will become increasingly codified, then everything will essentially become part of the system. A  Utopian metropolis. So who will be the free thinkers of this age? They will be the Neo and Sgt Makoto’s of anime. The free thinkers of the future will be hackers, heros in an immersive real life video game where theirs is the only free will.


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