Probability and why you shouldn't ever be normal.

The normal curve..

I still remember the day in class when I “got it”.
It was in maths, and it was the normal curve.

Our teacher, his exact desription escapes me now, but I can bet he was wearing those long socks rolled up the knees with khaki shorts, a trend amongst teachers in the days, drew a hump shaped curve on the board, and marked out 3 regions.

The biggest region in the middle he marked “normal”. “Normal” wasn’t a fact or a truth.. It wasn’t even real. The definition of normal was just what was 68% most likely to occur. Or as applied to life, what 68% of people believed in.

And just like that, my whole world changed.

To the highschool trouble maker, this was a revelation. All this time parents had urged you to “be normal” yet wanted you to excel in your studies, be ahead of the normal curve.
Impossible. The only way to be a high scorer, by definition was not to be normal.

This was it, the card up my sleeve which opened the door.
And from then on.. things couldn’t ever be normal again.

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