My first prime lens - the canon nifty fifty

Shooting with prime lenses, allows me to get familliar with a focal range which is about the same as my normal vision.. By learning to shoot “normally”, I can relate other lenses to this experience. Without this base to relate to, everything else becomes a jumble of numbers and guess work.┬áHaving to move myself around to get a shot, I discovered was the way I like to shoot.

The Canon 50mm 1.8

This is a great little lens. It might be a bit too plastic.. But it’s light weight and cost means that more than it will see more camera time than other lenses.┬áThe manual focus is really delicate without any resistance at all.. Not much of a problem, but when the lens is pointed downwards, the focus will start slipping.

That lens hood in the photo is one I picked up from Ebay. From the listing it looked like a Canon product.. But the box actually says for Canon. Still.. It does the job.

Things I Love.. Sipping Jetstreams

I first came across this movie a few months after I started surfing, and its still my favourite surf film..

I must have watched it over a dozen times.. (Watched the explorers 17 times. but that was when I was a less discerning 12 yr young kid with time aplenty). Each time.. I am mesmerized by the imagery. The traveller looks for beauy in places, people, and Taylor Steele manages to evoke the sense of adventure which for most time sleeps restless in the souls of every person. The people are real, and the landscapes foreign.. Add the best surfers in the world, a killer soundtrack with great editing and you have a timeless film which can be watched over and over again, only to discover something new each time.

Watch it and you will be booking tickets to your next destination.