The Future is Anime

Marc Andressen’s claim that “software is eating the world” was bold and visionary in 2011. Like a prophetic claim, in the short time since, there are signs that we have made progress in building this matrix like version of the future.


Amazon‘s robotic warehouses can scale to a point where they can one day become the distribution / sales / marketing point for all goods (real or virtual).
Take Uber add self driving robot cars, and we have the promise of an ultra efficient Minority Report style transport system. Online payment systems transfer value in terms of bits and bytes and will probably break free of their ties to historic value systems. One day, an entrepreneur will create a mashup of digital 3d printing and molecular technology giving us control over form and substance. Facebook has already codified our social interactions as algorithm.


So if this is true, if everything will be software, whats the future going to be like?


If we believe things will become increasingly codified, then everything will essentially become part of the system. A  Utopian metropolis. So who will be the free thinkers of this age? They will be the Neo and Sgt Makoto’s of anime. The free thinkers of the future will be hackers, heros in an immersive real life video game where theirs is the only free will.


My First App - Ready for Sale

SuperCars PRO - App Store

Supercars PRO is on the app store! This is a pretty big step for me. It’s the first IOS app for me and everything on this project just seemed to flow nicely. Worked with a great team, got the project done on schedule, and had a super time learning the ins and outs of app development. This is the way work should feel.. totally engaged.


Love the GoPro 3 video

Damn! This video is good. The best testament to how awesome a camera the GoPro guys have built is in the way people are using it to bring us visuals. They are literally at the limits of what’s possible. Check out this article on the founder – the GoPro army. - I am in Geek Heaven

Having been a coder for almost a decade.. Is it strange that I just don’t get into the technicalities of it much. I know people who go crazy about the next version of SQL server and the power of the .NET platform :P, and that’s just not me. Like my Macbook, I just want all that stuff to work.

For a while. I almost thought I was on the wrong path. But how times have changed, and at such speed.

Introducing – your cloud based back end. What does it mean? It means we can finally ditch SQL, setting up servers and all that stuff. Why? Smarter people have done it for you. All you have to do is hook into their service. It’s like the shackles have been taken off for the first time. You are free at last to create something at the speed of your own thought.

Amazing stuff!

Tricks and Pixel Resolution

Is there a relationship between spinning tricks and digital resolution.. 720p, 1080p? Are the multiples indirectly related to the degrees in a circle?

Did a quick search and my best thoery is – The Degree results in nice viewing proportions for our TV screens.

The best things in life begin with "S"

Sushi and Sake.. courtesy of Isetan shinjuku.
We had to get takeaway as it was past the little one’s bedtime. No more midnight karaoke and all you can eat/drink nomi-hodai.
Was a bit disappointed with the sake selection this time. There was a lot more champagnes and whiskeys in the nearby store. A friend of ours living in Japan explained that sake is seen to be “un-hip and drunk by old men”.


I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately.
You can’t have it without love.
Cos when the love fades, so does the energy to go on.  The motions blur and the dance dissolves. But when there is love. There is a relaxed energy in your actions. Fads and trends may come and go, what’s in what’s out chasing one another. But authentic keeps on flowing like it always has and always will.

“Love is like a friendship caught on fire.  In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering.  As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.”
~Bruce Lee

Idle Time

Nice view from a different perspective

Sometimes idle time can be mean progress.
It makes you sit out and observe from a different perspective.
And you just might see things you never realised before.
Family time.. walking up the coast.
Had a great surf the day before.. and the waves today looked just as good today.
There will always be more waves.
From this angle.. you can see where the reef is, and where to sit.

Things I Love - The Surfers Path

The Surfer’s Path is a mag I first picked up for a flight into Bali, and is now a constant feature in our lounge. Its a cross section of surfing, art, music, photography and travel with a huge dose of environmental conciousness.

“Kind of like myself” we all like to think.

Beautiful photographs of beautiful waves in beautiful locations. The stuff your (wet) dreams are made of. We can’t all be on long voyages chasing the perfect wave, but at least we can read about the seekers while sipping our caffeine.
The writing also happens to be quite good, poetic even. As only a good session in the surf or the haze could inspire. What you won’t find are loud, photoshopped ads peddling the latest in space age surf tech. Custom retros with slick paint are your new eye candy

Non surfing days now means brewing up a fresh cup of coffeee and slipping vicariouly into it’s pages.

Probability and why you shouldn't ever be normal.

The normal curve..

I still remember the day in class when I “got it”.
It was in maths, and it was the normal curve.

Our teacher, his exact desription escapes me now, but I can bet he was wearing those long socks rolled up the knees with khaki shorts, a trend amongst teachers in the days, drew a hump shaped curve on the board, and marked out 3 regions.

The biggest region in the middle he marked “normal”. “Normal” wasn’t a fact or a truth.. It wasn’t even real. The definition of normal was just what was 68% most likely to occur. Or as applied to life, what 68% of people believed in.

And just like that, my whole world changed.

To the highschool trouble maker, this was a revelation. All this time parents had urged you to “be normal” yet wanted you to excel in your studies, be ahead of the normal curve.
Impossible. The only way to be a high scorer, by definition was not to be normal.

This was it, the card up my sleeve which opened the door.
And from then on.. things couldn’t ever be normal again.