My Kite has arrived!

Liquid Force Envy

It’s arrived. My Liquid Force Envy 2011 kite! The essential bit of kit to begin my journey in kiting. The marketing says its a super stable, easy to relaunch kite – a beginners kite. Played with the bar and lines, rehearsing setting up and packing away. Don’t want to look like a kook right? ;)

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks at the bay just watching. Seeing what the kiters were doing. Where they entered the water. Where they exit the water. How far down the beach do they go. I tweeted a question to Kitesurfer Peter who recommended the predictWind app and have been cross checking that with actual conditions.

There are still many questions in my head. Like ‘what happens if the wind changes?’. Unlike surfing, this sport takes a certain amount of preparation. If conditions turn bad, you can’t just swim in. You need to somehow get your kite back in as well. Feasible if the wind was blowing on shore. But offshore? Even though we practised self rescue during the lessons. I know that performing this in deep water and high winds will be an entirely different game.

The plan now is to practise body dragging with my gear. And only when I achieve good kite control to start getting strapped into the kite board.

Excited. Love the thrill of being a beginner.

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