Learning while Flying

Dave McClure on Udemy

Dave McClure on Udemy

Flying every week takes up some valuable time when you are working on a startup. This is how I maximised the down time while flying.

Emails – Boarding planes is possibly the worst waste of time ever. I pull out my iPhone to catch up on emails.

Take off & Landing
Idea Generation – No electronic devices are allowed. So pull out the Moleskine and start scribbling.

In-flight mode
I am really digging Udemy. I downloaded the app to get additional material for the Founders course. But have since downloaded a lectures on gamification, startup funding and more.

Other tips
Evernote. This is where everything goes.
I have found Instapaper to work really well. Offline cache webpages for reading on the plane.
Don’t check your luggage in. Waiting for cargo sucks time.