Testing a new function on Jutsu

Testing a new web widget for my startup – Jutsu. This is an example of a progression path for Kite Surfing that I am using. I find it really helpful to know where you are and what actions need to be taken. Meaningful segregation of the different levels and action steps will be important for motivating learners. The original web page can be found here on Kitesurf Discovery path

Pitching vs Showing

A big part of the Founder Institute program is pitching. To be able to tell people about your product in 1 min, 3 min, bar time formats. Gotta say that this does not come natural to me. I  have always found it easier to visualise the end product via a video or prototype. But to go outside your comfort zone is one of the main reasons you take the entrepreneurial path, and what I have learnt so far has been really useful.

Here’s a video MVP for AutoProfilez.com I made when I first thought up the idea.

Time to make magic : Founders Institute

About a month ago a friend of mine working in US tech told me to check out the Founder Institute.
I checked out a few of their videos online and was intrigued.
Essentially the FI program boils down the experience of building a startup into 3 months of intense work with an aim to cut down on the failure rate of startups. I really liked the no-BS style and realised that this is a program where you would have to do make things happen yourself. I applied with a video which I hoped would show what I think the mobile future would look like.
Long story short.. I got awarded the scholarship for the Sydney branch.
Since that awesome piece of news, the energy levels have already surged. I’ve devoured everything online and I can’t wait for the actual program to begin.
It means that I will have to travel up to Sydney a few times a week..
But hey.. there might even be a chance to sneak in a surf up there. :)
Time to make magic.