My first prime lens - the canon nifty fifty

Shooting with prime lenses, allows me to get familliar with a focal range which is about the same as my normal vision.. By learning to shoot “normally”, I can relate other lenses to this experience. Without this base to relate to, everything else becomes a jumble of numbers and guess work.┬áHaving to move myself around to get a shot, I discovered was the way I like to shoot.

The Canon 50mm 1.8

This is a great little lens. It might be a bit too plastic.. But it’s light weight and cost means that more than it will see more camera time than other lenses.┬áThe manual focus is really delicate without any resistance at all.. Not much of a problem, but when the lens is pointed downwards, the focus will start slipping.

That lens hood in the photo is one I picked up from Ebay. From the listing it looked like a Canon product.. But the box actually says for Canon. Still.. It does the job.