First KiteSurfing Experience

kitesurf experience


All these years.. I hadn’t realised that kitesurfing was accessible at my doorstep until i attended the Mai Tai crew’s OzApp roadshow at the York Butter Factory. To think that all those on-shore days could have been spent on the water learning.

When Summer came round and the waves backed down I went for my first kite surfing lesson in St Kilda. Have to say it was slightly ominous, as I approached the beach a group of policemen were pulling a body from the bay. But I tried to pay it no attention.

First impressions. Much more technical than most board sports. The first 2 hours were spent purely on rigging up the kite and getting used to the safety mechanisms. 3 types of safety releases kind of says that this can probably get dangerous.

Then came the trainer kite. The last time I attempted this was on holiday in Tianammen square and it was lucky that no one got hurt. I was surprised by how easy the trainer kite was to fly. This feeling was unlike other board sports. It was as if you were tapping into something alive, due to the ebb and flow of the wind, the kite felt like a live fish. Then when we got into doing dives into the power zone. Whoah!!.. OK. Now I am hooked. My attention maxed, feeling the sudden surge of power.

On the 2nd day.. I managed to get up. The feeling was not unlike wake boarding. Except you had to control the tow rope yourself. I got up.. coasted a little and plonked back down in the water. After a few times.. I realised that this was going to take more practise, preferably with less kites around. Though it was only baby steps, it felt like a new world had opened up – Port Phillip Bay now looked like a massive playground. All i needed to do was to stay up.

And so begins the search for a good harness.

My First App - Ready for Sale

SuperCars PRO - App Store

Supercars PRO is on the app store! This is a pretty big step for me. It’s the first IOS app for me and everything on this project just seemed to flow nicely. Worked with a great team, got the project done on schedule, and had a super time learning the ins and outs of app development. This is the way work should feel.. totally engaged.