CarProfilez graduates Founder Institute 2013

CarProfilez - Vincent Cheong

CarProfilez – Vincent Cheong

We did it! CarProfilez has graduated from the Founders Institute Sydney. Was it hard? Yep! Was it challenging? Yep! But it was exactly where I wanted to be. Adeo Ressi and the team behind Founders have managed to recreate the fast paced, highly engaged mode of working in a startup. For those that are thinking of quitting their steady jobs and pursuing their ideas, this is a good way to test the waters

I have written a few tips which I found to be helpful.

Know what you are passionate about
In the first weeks you will be generating ideas and testing their viability in the market. A startup is after all, an entity in search of a business model and you will probably be making lots of pivots on your journey. However the course moves really fast and you risk falling behind if you change your idea one too many times. Knowing your passion makes it easy to find something workable within the same idea space.

Make it Real
From building launch pages to setting up twitter accounts. The program has assignments where you will actually be bulding your company week after week. By mid point you will have an incorporated company. So don’t just do the assignments to pass. Treat these exercises seriously and it’s like hitching your startup to a rocketship.

Make connections
For me personally, this was the best aspect of the program. Getting to meet the mentors, who are all successful entrepreneurs. getting to know how they think and just being able to chat with them over a Beer or two.
The key to change is to firstly change the way you think, and being around these guys is the best way to do that.
Being in a team of up and coming entrepreneurs, Working with people who are driven and passionate really drives you to want to succeed. I’ve made good friends over the last 3 months and I am just as amped about their businesses and will be rooting for them when they launch.

Read the supplementary material
Startup owners manual
Lean startup machine
There’s also a wealth of online video from other alumnis available in the course.

  1. Aug.10.2013@5:44 pm - Matthew Ho says:

    great summary! Will be forward this to other friends interested in founders institute!

    I totally agree with doing something you are passionate about

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